School Level General Knowledge Exam


MPSC Sarav Pariksha


We have always believed that the quality of its students defines the quality of tomorrows nation. We have conducted the School level general knowledge exams and got overwhelming response.

School level general knowldge exam has really helped students who had an inclination towards competitive exams were conducted in the students respective school only. Parents appreciated our project because they came to know that the kids now a days need such type of exams.


We got very good response and lot of students and parents and society as a whole appreciated our MPSC Sarav Pariksha project. It gave an opportunity to the students to test their knowledge which helps them to prepare for the MPSC exam.

These exams were conducted in different colleges who cooperated with us in this drive. We even had school level students registering for this MPSC Sarav Pariksha.


Online MPSC Sarav Pariksha




In todays world of Interent it becomes very necessary that the students get used to this format of exam which might be the only form of examination in future. Hence we started our Online MPSC Sarav Pariksha project. Students can give the exam online from our authorized Exam center and also get to know the result then and there.